Sunday, September 15, 2019

How to make your children eat healthy food?


Nandini was overweight, she had high BP & rheumatoid arthritis, she was diagnosed as pre-diabetic. She was taking her medicines, but still felt miserable & sapped of energy. She began researching on the net, reading books, attending health workshops & talking to natural health experts around. She learnt about the body’s self-healing powers. She began eating mindfully & shifted to a whole plant based diet. She discovered how fasting is linked to healing, she learnt about Nature Cure. Today, she has gotten rid of her 3.5 problems & lives a pain-free, medicine-free life.

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Understanding health from the lens of nature simplified our daily choices. We had experienced the magic of our bodies healing when we made those choices. We came across many people who had made similar changes and overcame severe health challenges. So, came the question, if health is natural and straightforward, why is this knowledge not more commonplace? Why don’t we know about others? Why don’t we have a place to interact, learn, and share our experiences about natural health? This is how the idea of Wellcure was born.

Learn and grow healthy with the community. We at Wellcure provide you with the best platform to – “Learn, Connect and Simplify your health naturally.”


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